Incompetence personified

I’m treating myself to an away weeked this weekend – I’m off to Madingley Hall today to learn some things about writing fiction – so I thought I would get ahead of the game. This coming week’s ‘On this day in history’ is waiting to expose itself on Sunday as usual and 17th to 23rd August bits are in advanced w.i.p. status!

The other regular is the Wednesday posting of William Harrison’s poetic views of 19th centuty life in the East Anglian fenlands. I completed his piece on the the New South Level Cut and prepared it for posting next Wednesday 13th August. It was to be tucked away all ready for publication on the 13th rather than me uploading it next week. Trouble is I pressed the buttons that posted it last night! For regular followers of William’s Fenland Saga – next week’s piece is available to read now and there won’t be another posted next week because I won’t be back until late Monday and I have to go and do some work at Burghley on Tuesday.

I’ll let you Know how the weekend went next week.




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