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BBC Television; a Pope dies and another takes 11 days away; a King is crowned and a Queen’s favourite passes on; France & England draw a battle and a man envies girls getting wet; 16,103 books become available to Mancunians. Things that happened on these days in history

Monday 31st August 1936. It was on Thursday 14 May 1936 that the Portsmouth Evening News, among other newspapers, told us, with pictures, that Miss Jasmine Bligh and Miss Elizabeth Cowell were joining the B.B.C. as television hostess-announcers. Today was the day that the Aberdeen Journal advised its readers that: ‘The B.B.C. announces that Miss […]

In the Memory of Maria Harrison, the Wife of William Harrison and 16 years his junior

To the Memory of  MARIA HARRISON “Only the actions of the just, Smell sweet and blossom in the dust” It would be an unseemly sign, for long united friends, to part without a parting line, when the connection ends. Much more when death dissolves the ties, by which two hearts are joined, the strongest nature […]

This week’s blog 24th – 30th August with a Saint and a Medieval Fair; long distance swimming; diary pieces; a French artist’s view of Americans; air raids; cricket; merchant banking

24th August is the Feast Day of St. Bartholomew. A long-standing rhyme tells us that:- ‘If St. Bartholomew’s Day be fair and clear, then a prosperous autumn comes that year.’ Let’s keep our fingers crossed. St Bartholomew was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, though he is usually identified as Nathanael (sometimes spelled Nathaniel). […]

Willaim Harrison’ Epitaph for his wife Maria

Maria Harrison was William’s wife and 16 Years his junior. Her death aged 60 on 30th May 1871 was hard for William. He wrote a brief epitaph for her. Earth has no speech that can set forth Her spotless life, and priceless worth These only can be said or sung In accents from an angel’s […]

Death by a car; firstborn in America; Groucho Marx; Churchill speaks; battles (various) and an English lady with the Russian Army

On 17 August 1896 Bridget Driscoll became the first known car fatality when she was knocked down by Arthur Edsell who was reportedly driving at 4mph. The London Standard’s report of Friday 21st tells us that Mr Percy Morrison held an inquest at Penge, on the body of Bridget Driscoll, the 44 year old wife […]

Just got back from a writing weekend

Just got back from a weeked away writing I’ve just posted a result on beejaytellingstories Have a look if you wish. Comments, as always, are welcome. My e-mail

10 to 16 August – Saints, Mines,Charlotte Bronre, Glorious 12th, Rugby, Beauty Contests and a ‘Massacre

10 August is the Feast day of St Lawrence – the patron saint of cooks. This link comes about because Lawrence’s martyrdom involved him being grilled over a slow fire. His emblem is a Gridiron. Burghley House has, in the Ante-Chapel, a painting by Filippo Laure (1623-94) of the Martyrdom of St Lawrence. Wednesday 10 […]