Eating your carrots

‘Eat your carrots lad and you’ll be able to see in the dark’. That’s what my nan told me – so I did. They were, of course, fresh and raw – boiling took the goodness out of them, and the miracle of night vision would be lost! But was it really true? Well – carrots, it seems, are the richest common source of ‘beta carotene’ – and the body converts the ‘beta carotene’ into vitamin A – and that is needed to maintain the health of the retina in the eye so I am told. So eating raw carrots seem to be a good thing as good night vision depends on vitamin A because that combines with a protein present in the retina. A lack of Vitamin A, it seems makes it hard for the eye to adjust to dim light – so, it appears, a carrot a day may stop you bumping into things in the middle of the night! Does that mean I need to have some raw carrot beside the bed as well as a glass of water now?


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