Supergroup apology and other things

I wasn’t expecting the expanded line spacing in the dancing story – it wasn’t intended. I hope you found it still readable. I think I’ve got a photo with me and the trophy somewhere. I’ll have a look and, if I don’t think it will upset the viewer, I may well stick it on here.

The rational de-cluttering of the book shelves progresses. The auction with my complete/immaculate set of Encyclopaedia Britannica plus 58 Britannica Great books set plus some selective one-offs – including the 8 volume Books of Knowledge which were bought for Dad in the 1920s go under the hammer later this month. I just hope they go to some good homes.

On a different front – the death of Tony Benn has come just right for the week-end papers. Love him or loath him no-one can say he wasn’t committed to his beliefs and sought to progress them at every opportunity. I think I might be buying a couple of different ones – as well as our usual Saturday read this weekend to do a compare and contrast in my own mind. Who knows –  It may well make for an interesting non-political blog sometime next week.

I was looking forward to the WW1 memories on BBC2 tonight at 9 o’clock but I think I heard there is a ‘Benn’ programme instead. We’ll see.

Bye for now



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