Getting to grips

It almost 4 months since I joined up here – and what a time that has been. No doubt the story will filter out as I start to do what I intended last October. I now feel some freedom to get active here.

One weight almost off my shoulders is a Book of Days for the History Press. It has been an age in completion because of umpteen delays and distractions that I won’t bother you with.  In compiling something over 74,000 word, 366 stories are ready for their final brush-up before heading to the the waiting publisher. Now is the time to publicly thank Mo, Stu, Don, Chris, Janet and Teresa for their patient and detailed checking, proof reading and comments over the time past. Rest easy now folks.

Me – I just need to get it off to History Press and get back to what I want to do. Blogging here will be one of those elements.

‘Talk’ to you again soon



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