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The next seven days in times gone by Feb 24 to March 02

February 24th 1582           The Julian calendar – created in 46 BCE – was no longer to be used as Pope Gregory XIII – just 3 years before he passed on – announced that the Roman Catholic Church across the whole world would now use the (his) new Gregorian calendar. This meant that ten days had […]

The next seven days in times gone by

This week in years gone by: February 17th in 1827 was the day the world lost Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, a Swiss educationalist that devoted his life to poor, neglected and orphaned children. Inspired by Rousseau’s work he set up a residential farm school with the aim of teaching underprivileged children basic practical skills. This project […]

Getting to grips

It almost 4 months since I joined up here – and what a time that has been. No doubt the story will filter out as I start to do what I intended last October. I now feel some freedom to get active here. One weight almost off my shoulders is a Book of Days for […]